Air Genius


Airgenius is professional in Co2 Cartridges for variety of outdoor activities, including bicycle, motorcycle, water sports, BB gun and paintball gun. Our company attempt to serve high quality of products to satisfy our customers' need. All of our products have already passed ISO 9011, UN1013 and SGS Test. Therefore we can guarantee in safety condition. More than that,we also work hard to pass standard in different industries. We hope our Co2 products will be part of customer's happiness


Airgenius is Taiwanese Brand. Our products is parts of smart and innovative sports gadgets. We do our best to make Sports gadget to be easy to use, convenient, light, fast in the reasonable price.

OUR CO2 Cartridge

Airgenius is Taiwanese Brand. Our Products can diversify into 4 categories; Co2 for bicycles, Co2 for BB gun and Paint Ball Gun, Co2 for Motorcycles and Co2 for WaterSports.When focusing in the size, we can support in different sizes, 12 g, 16 g, 20g, 25 g or more than that.


We also provide OEM & ODM services for customers based on your own brand.


Our standard factory is in Taiwan. We also has Branch in Bangkok, Thailand to support for AEC and ASEAN countries. So please feel free to contact our team to ask for more information. We are ready in multi-languages (Thai, English and Chinese)

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