Jelloon is innovative gadget for water sports. There are 2 models. JB-101 E is inflatable floating aid tub. Normally you can wear it and enjoy with many water sports activities such as Triathlon, swimming. JB-101MS is more professional because it can inflate the air by using Co2 Cartridge. Thus This makes it more convenient, faster and innovative.

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Jelloon is innovative water sports gadget. You can wear Jelloon and feel confident in every moment when you play water sports. There are many water sports activities that you can enjoy when you wear Jelloon. Surfing is one of water sports activities many people like to wear Jelloon. Must try!!

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Jelloon is professional floating aid tube. You can wear Jelloon to do your favorite water sports activities. With your friends and family, you will feel confident in every moment because the material is made from TPU. Thus it is durable,and  not easy to broken in different environment. More than that, innovative Co2 Cartridge makes the aid tube more faster to float in emergency situation. Therefore, Feel free to wear Jelloon.!!

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Jelloon made from TPU material.Thus it is very durable, and not easy to broken in different weather and environment.


Jelloon (JB-101MS) is more easy to use and very convenient. It is very fast to inflate the air into the aid tube  by using Co2 Cartridge, and trigger by your right hand when you need.


How to use Jelloon, it is very easy. To begin with, you blow the air in the aid tube. Then you can wear it. In term of size, Jelloon is very light when comparing with traditional life jacket. Thus you can bring it to many places you want.


Normally Jelloon has 1 year warranty from the manufacture. After you have used Jelloon more than 2 years, if you want to change any parts for maintenance,  you can contact us. We will serve you with charge.


Jelloon is designed to be Safety Water Sports Gadget. Therefore the size and material have already calculated to support more than 80-90 kgs weight.


When comparing Jelloon with your life, We know your life is the most important. Jelloon is not expensive if it can safe your life.

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