Kuo Design

Who we are

Taiwanese designer that loves to create

KUO DESIGN is Unique Taiwanese Brand. The brand founded by Mr. Kuo, Taiwanese designer who feel in love in Motorcycle. He has worked hard more than 20 years in order to produce accessories motorcycle parts. With his passion and experience, KUO DESIGN has premium variety of products. One of them is AIR FOLK. It is the innovative motorcycle accessory which improved from mountain bike technology in order to reduce impact when you drive motorcycle on the road. If you want to know more information about us, feel free to call: 099-096-8282

What we do

Keep it simple

Make it simple is our vision.With more than 20 years experience, KUO DESIGN has created in simple style, but premium function, and high quality in products. All material is imported from Germany before cut by CNC Machines from Japan. Therefore, you can be trust in quality.


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