Triones Sintered HH Metallic Brake Pad for HP Radial Caliper

1,400.00 ฿

TRIONES Sintered Metallic Brake Pad for HP Radial Caliper




This product can support for caliper in the list below;

Triones: CNC HP 100/108 mm P4 34/30 Anodized Radial Caliper

Triones: CNC HP P4 34/30 Titanium Anodized Raidal Caliper

Brembo: 100/108 mm Radial Billet Caliper BREMBO 130 mm YAMAHA R1 ’07>12″

Temperature: N/A

Material: Semi-SIntered Material

Feature: Power to stop , smooth braking with silence while high friction resistance under high temperature with dust free


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